Assessment Criteria

Success upon this course is dependant on your interest and participation. The summative assessments are therefore, not necessarily testing your knowledge of class content, but your ability to reflect upon and apply the ideas covered in the course.

The key ‘summative’ assessments:

  1. Taught Lesson.
  2. Discussion Posts x 8.
  3. Book review and comments.
  4. Online Portfolio.
  5. TedTalk on topic of your choice.
  6. Essay on topic of your choice.
  7. The Semester Exam:


  1. Your taught lesson on the core text. This task is designed to familiarise you with key ideas in the world of Business Psychology, and encourage you to practice your teaching/facilitation skills. As such the rubric emphasises engagement and creativity. You need to submit a clear lesson plan.The rubric is attached to the task sheet.
  2. Discussion posts. Each week you will be asked to reflect and respond to one key article from the world of Business Psychology. The first two introduce key ideas on leadership by Daniel Goleman and John Kotter. These are names that you need to know.

The criteria for each post is below:

Post a three or four paragraph response to the above. Please post by the end of each week.

Please respond to at least THREE of your colleagues’ postings by asking a question, offering alternative ideas, supporting an idea or concept, or disagreeing with the content or substance of a posting. Please post by Friday.

3. TED Talk: This task will require you to write and present your own Ted Talk. You will use ideas offered by the Stand and Deliver Seminars. This approach to public speaking is designed to ensure that your speech/presentation has maximum impact and will be remember. The rubric will be given in week 5.

4. Essay: You will have been introduced to some of the key themes in Occupational Psychology. Your task is to write a brief paper analysing some of the key ideas on your topic. You can choose the topic. One catch: it cannot be the same topic as your presentation. You will receive the rubric in Week 8.

5. Online Portfolio: This task is continuous and requires that you reflect upon and write about the content that you cover each week.

i) You must create pages for each topic that we cover and upload relevant videos, comment on the taught content and summarise the main points.

ii) You will need an ‘About me’ page, and an online CV/portfolio, utilising the ‘Start with Why’ approach.

iii) Create and embed a Twitter/ Linkedin account that links to your site. You should start to create a professional network in your chosen area.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.11.20 AM

Image: Posted in Embodying Visionary Leadership.  Taken from:

6. Book Review: During the weeks that you are not required to complete a discussion post you will be required to summarises the chapters in the book that you have been allocated. It is important that you post your chapter review on your blog roll and that you create a page entitles ‘Book Review’. Tag key names and ideas so that they will appear in your ‘Tag Cloud’ Widget on your home page. Use the WordPress widgets to help improve your ‘search-ability’ and increase your network. If you link your Twitter to your blog, your post may appear on Twitter as soon as you post.

7. The Exam: Essay on Leadership.